Monday, 7 January 2019


Torn between starting another RPG group so I can (hopefully) get my Pathfinder fix.
Warhammer 40,000

What to do?
My bases that I ordered to re-base the used Necron army I purchased are in tomorrow and decided to get back into painting to fill my void that I have had with my free time. I gave up miniatures games sometime in 2015 and after a year off returned and realized I don't like the people I'm gaming with.

It was (at the time) extremely hard to give up something you truly enjoy. Like akin to a sports fan stopping,watching,going,playing games.
It was hard.

I struggled with it for a long time, then I did something that was even harder, I ended my D&D game again due to my players not attending, being inattentive,being distant and plan selfish. It was so hard. I had 7 players and struggled to get 4 together once every three weeks.

I then starting another group with a coworker,a mutual friend, brother in-law and son.
But fast forward and life is getting in the way, for 3 players, two are warranted, I side with them. But one is just to plain busy with his friends and we are starting to work around his schedule, which I don't like.

Now I met a new fried at the game store and he is into Warhammer 40K and someone else wants to do a Pathfinder game, let's see what the future holds?    

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Session 19 in Rise of the Runelords in 5e

The rain fell harder this morning then any other day in recent memories, the air was bitter cold as well, winter was fast approaching. Cleaning up of fort Rannick was going to be intense work thought Jakardros early in the morning. Actually the fleeing orcs & ogres left more behind adding to the problem of clean up, where was the commander?

Jakardros sat in the commanders quarters taking stock of the situation as the letter he penned slowly dried. The letters commander Lamatar's penned to someone in the shimmerglens were found adding to the mystery of what happened to him?  and why the fort was taken so easily?

"Rider!" Vales voice was hear, everyone rushed to defense but the rider was a local from Turtleback Ferry.
"the flood water will wash the village away, some are trying to cross the river and the children from the school are missing" said Cesten Orlandi the Innkeeper of The Turtle's Parlor begged the group for help to evacuate the village.

The Ranger began collecting gear to head out to help out and the adventuring party looked on.

Jakaros asked "why are you not preparing to leave?'
Charles answered "we must stop the orcs & ogres from controlling the dam"
The dam regulates the flow of water and it has not been closing and something was up, the adventures had to put a stop to the dam flooding even more villages downstream.

with a few more minutes of debate the Rangers and Adventures decided to part ways and accomplish two things at once.
In silence the rangers unknowingly departed into a well placed trap.

Hours later they witnessed Tillia and five children trying to cross the skull river back from an outing earlier that day and the flood rains would possible take all their lives?
As Val swam out to the boat, Shalelu speared it with an arrow that was attached to some rope and the rest began pulling it to land, not one or two but many tentacles breached the surface of the water near the boat and a giant head began swimming towards the boat.

The Black Magga, just spoken in rumours split the surface of the water ready for a quick meal and picked up Tillia Henkenson the school teacher and went straight down thirsty abdomen of the Magga herself, one meal down six to go.
Vale and the children are in trouble.

The rangers began peppering the creature with arrows as Vale and the children began running for the safety of the shore.  

The creature began to retreat after grabbing Vale and carrying him off into deeper water and the rangers witnessed Vales last moments as he was rammed down the throat of the Black Magga for ever remembered as one of the few to survive the fall of fort Rannick.

Jut then Jakaros shock of a spell looking around a women sitting in the window of the taller home finished her incantation to her dismay Jakaros steel resolve pushed the mind controlling thoughts out and one of the smaller hovels burst open and orcs and a heavily armed one watched out, Doomsmasha, no wonder the towns folk were not present to help the rangers it had all been a trap.

Kaven turned on the party firing into Jakaros and trying to block Shalelu flight as she began to back up in fear of being overrun by the orcs & Doomsmasha.
Jakaros animal companion Kibb was gutted by orcs as they moved on to Jakaros & Shalelu.
Shalelu looked at Jakaros and he screamed "run" she took off back to the fort.
Doomsmasha's Wyvern landed a short distance away and Kaven and a orc began the chase to catch Shalelu.
Doomsmasha grabbed Jakaros and dragged him into the hovel for questioning. 

When Jakaros awoke he was not tied up but Doomsmasha sat in front of him, he was packing his saddle bags.
"Tell my half brother I will be at the Dam waiting for him.
Jakaros did not say a word as he knew they were already there.
Doomsmasha left the hovel had a argument with Lucrecia and they both mount the wyvern and took flight.
The rest of the orcs began burning the hovels around them, "go ooman" said one of the orcs as they moved out of the village.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Bad day

Had a bad day today.

Yesterday I went on the treadmill and in my 19th minute of my 20 minute run had a sharp pain in my lower back. I did not sleep the whole night as it just got worse and worse.

30+ hours later it is starting to feel better but still not one hundred percent.

My oldest son bought me dice for Christmas this year and I will bank those for a new campaign, I buy new dice for every new one I start.
That is the only present that was game related, boy that sucked.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

What I did Today

What I did Today

Working on converting Rise of the Rune Lords book 4 The Hook Mountain Massacre to D&D 5e
Current attack on Sandpoint, every soon will have that written up, about 6 sessions reports behind.

I Remember the fallen today as it is Remembrance Day

What I did today?

  • Listening to: Find the path eps. 16
  • Reading: Warhammer 40,000 rules
  • Watching:all the Marvel season two of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones,The Big Bang Theory season 11, December was busy for me
  • Playing: D&D 5e in Golarion world
  • Eating: nothing, down 14 pounds, goal is to be 190 in the new year(not going to happen) back up 8 pounds due to the holidays
  • Drinking: water
  • Painting: Necrons

Sold all my Map packs and flip-maps for Pathfinder. If I sell the D&D 4th ed. books and the star wars RPG lot, I will buy 8 or so Pathfinder 1e books to complete my lot.

Vampire 5e
Mutant Crawl Classics
Warhammer RP 4th ed.

In the Mail,
100 32mm bases for my Necron army
Pathfinder strategy guide

Midgard handbook
Starfinder critical hit deck

Adventure Paths
Return of the Runelords 3&4
Starfinder singal of screams #1
Starfinder against the aeon throne #3
last 4 books of Jade Regent (Fear I will never get book 4 of this AP, as it is over priced)
All 6 books of Wrath of the Righteous (this is a maybe)
War for the Crown Pawns

Missing 17 11 4 Adventure Paths Books or 10 if I buy wrath of the Righteous? 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Pathfinder Pawns, part 3

*Hey, all Pathfinder Pawns can be used for D&D 5e!!!*

How to make pawns the cheap way, well or at least cutting cost.

Cheap mans bases, you can get these at an office store,walmart, dollar store, even amazon.

Simple add the appropriate size to the pawn and you have an instant base for a very cheap cost. Even buy the colored pack for marking multiply pawns of the same pawns. example 5 orc pawns, use 5 different colors to mark them.  

Staples printing Pawns yourself

Buy the PDF from Paizo and sign up for Micheal's emails for coupons and wait till a a 40-50% or more coupon is emailed to you. Once you get it go to Micheal's and purchase packs of card stock, go to staples and print them off for cheaper pawns. My staples charges me $2 to bring my own paper, but the paper I buy is thicker then they offer and in the end cheaper.

My estimates show that I can get an adventure path pawn collection for $18 Canadian. This route I would take if I wanted 2 or more sets of adventure path pawns. I do this for my Bestiary sets as I always need more then they offer.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Road ahead

The Road to retirement is a goal I have not stopped thinking and talking about for the past 18 months.
My current 10 year plan is to save for 5 years for my second sons education and the next 5 years to save for remodeling my kitchen. That will leave me at the age of 56, if I stay till age 60, it will only be to get more money for my old age pension from my government.

But what about my gaming plans?
I can not game during the week due to my schedule and Sunday is my only day to game. I have to game at home and my wife hates it, she accepts it, but wishes it was done else where.

My 10 year gaming plan? wow, what a question. So lets see,

First off finish my current D&D 5e campaign in 14 months, ending at 16th or 17th level.
After that I will run a second campaign ending at or around 15+level.

So right now I have 4 campaigns to finish by the time I reach fifty seven, I need to have four more campaigns under my belt.

When I official retire I will open my door to a second weekly game and plan the next 10 years.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


November is Movember for me and I hate it.
I have no facial hair and I know it is for a cause but I think I will shave it a week early as it looks ridiculous on me.

Time to give one of the villains in the D&D game a mustaches to make the players aware as well.